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"Linkedin advertising is so expensive! How do i scale the number of high-quality leads?"

"About Linkedin Organic Campaigns: I've tried creating an active Linkedin company page and encourage active employee social promotion, but i'm still not getting enough eyeballs from the right prospects"

"I need more B2B Content that Converts and delivers leads from top-tiered target accounts to my sales team".

"My website visitors are not converting on our contact forms, downloading our eBooks and taking action. I need help with Conversion rate optimization".

"I've read a ton of content and statistics about the effectiveness of Account-Based Marketing. But what i need is an actionable plan that delivers!"

"My prospects can't find me on google searches. I need a more experienced, straight-forward Search Engine Optimization expert to advice me"

"How do i target the exact companies and prospects with Facebook ads? Is there a way to improve lead quality from Facebook without B2B targeting capabilities"

"We're not getting enough clicks and engagement on our digital campaigns. I need more thumb stopping creatives (images, videos, gifs and more), custom for B2B and my company"

"We've seen a 37% improvement in engagement rate from Target Accounts. The contrarian B2B strategy from B2BHouse had me nervous at first, but i'm glad we went through with it because we're happy with the results"

Welson Chua
Digital Marketing Manager, Facebook for Business

How B2B Brands are driving more results, revenue and leads with us.

B2B Social Media Marketing

An Account-Based Marketing campaign we designed across multiple social channels, helped a B2B start-up increase the number of MQLs by x2 with 40% of revenue sourced by marketing 

Content Marketing

A series of blog, eBooks, whitepaper & webinars helped a B2B SaaS company get x2.3 more demo request and sales contact forms comlpetion over 6 months

Search Engine Optimization

Following our plan, a mid-sized B2B company was able to gain 1st position and 1st pages on google for multiple high intent keywords.  

"Every Linkedin campaign this team touches becomes successful! Notable wins: Our campaigns were recognised by Linkedin themselves to be the best-in-class performance in the region” 

Brittany Wong

VP Marketing, Flare

“I've always thought in-house marketers were the best choices but B2Bhouse changed my mind. They were able to reduce my cost-per-lead by x2. Over 104 qualified leads (senior decision makers) were generated in within a year” 

Scott Miller

CEO, Synovate

“I have developed complete trust for the team at B2Bhouse. They've proved it by constantly improving each monthly campaign performance by 5-10%. Compounded over the year, that's a significant improvement to our marketing ROI” 

Winnie Ang

Marketing Manager, Sitecore

💔 Other "Marketing Agencies & Consultants"

❌ Little to no experience as an in-house marketer to truly understand the struggles. 

❌ Most marketing agencies rely on fresh graduates to execute your campaigns. Coming up with sound Account-based strategies will be a near impossible. 

❌ Little to no experience in B2B marketing. Their leads from Linkedin marketing is too expensive while Facebook's lead quality is horrible. 

❤️ TheB2BHouse differentiation

√ Made up off people with 5-9 years of in-house experience = Knows exactly what to do to get high volume and quality of leads for sales. Not just blindly executing. 

√ Over 100+ Account-based marketing strategies executed. We've helped multiple clients achieve 30%-50% increase in revenue. 

√ Thousands of high quality leads made up of decision makers, generated within target accounts. 

“Coming from someone who is very critical with ABM consultants, TheB2Bhouse smashed my expectations, delivering more quality leads in 1 year than the past 2 years.” 



“Grab for Business operated like a start-up within a large organisation. TheB2BHouse was able to bring enough quality leads for sales teams, with only 3/4 the ad budget. Super efficient” 


Grab for business (Uber of South Asia)

“The first time i met TheB2Bhouse, i wasn't impressed. They challenged our old strategies directly. But i'm glad we gave them a shot and did something differently. Our content and event marketing drove so much more leads than before” 

Elspeth Shek


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There's no slowing TheB2BHouse down! Results were so amazing that we were awarded by Linkedin as one of the best performing campaigns in the region. 

Senior Marketing & Demand Manager - Vision Critical

“TheB2BHouse team is clearly one of the best with B2B Marketing on earth. They are one of the few i would reach out to for advice on Linkedin marketing and Account-based marketing.” 

Account Strategist, Google

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