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Have you struggled with any of these issues in the past 90 days?

"Why are my prospects not accepting my request to connect?"

"Why won't they reply to my messages?"

"What message should I send to get a response?"

"How do I find the exact prospect with higher buying intent?"

"My prospect is ghosting me. What should I do"

"Is there a way to scale my outreach without sleazy tactics?"

If yes, this this course is perfect for you:

The most comprehensive sales mastery course on LinkedIn, built by sales professionals, for sales professionals

In this course we've unpacked over 15 years of B2B Demand Generation and Sales experience from the entire B2BHouse team and condensed it into this 25 session course that will help equip you with the all the essential tips, tricks and secrets to better brand yourself on LinkedIn and start generating leads and revenue that will drive your business to the next level.  Here's what you can expect: 

Building a Rockstar LinkedIn Profile

How to create a strong Linkedin profile that captures your prospect's attention

Setting up & optimising for increased visibility

Developing trust and social currency via networking

Designing CV for more relevance for prospects

Thought leadership execution on LinkedIn

Identifying and researching prospects

How to find high quality prospects on LinkedIn and learning how best to connect

Identifying high intent prospects with accuracy

Capturing competitors & peer connections at scale

Using advanced search and filters on LinkedIn

Uncovering deep insights about your prospects

Creating a lead generation machine

Learn how top 1% of sales people leverage LinkedIn tools to drive leads and revenue

Understanding & defining your buyer personas

Writing high converting outreach messages

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Secrets and Tips

Gaining an edge with LinkedIn Digital Marketing

Don’t just take our word for it,

listen to what others have to say:

“The course proved to be very informative and exactly what I needed and was looking for. Some excellent pearls of knowledge (and experience) coming through. Very Happy.” 

Customer Development Specialist

“Informative course with tools that will create impact for me and my business in the near future. Looking forward to more LinkedIn courses from you.”

Entrepreneur, Start-up and Coach

We've tried our very best to make it a no brainer for you to sign up. Here's how we stack agaisnt the competiton:

Other LinkedIn Sales Courses
B2BHouse LinkedIn Sales Mastery Course
Lots of theory, written by academics 
Practical field tested advice, written by sales pros
Expensive and lack of value
Affordable and feature packed
Often surface coverage of tools 
Over the shoulder tutorials, deep dive into tools

About B2BHouse

Hi! We’re B2BHouse, a team of B2B Demand generation professionals with over 15 years in the business. Yes, we still remember the time when LinkedIn was used mainly as a job site. That’s how far back we go.

Our extensive knowledge comes from these deep experiences over the years. We’ve run talks, workshops and executive engagements for companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft and more. 80% of our clients are Fortune 500 companies with proven sales records.


Kickstart your lead generation and sales journey today! 

B2BHouse's signature Sales Mastery course - a step by step system for B2B Lead generation, Marketing and Sales on the world's largest professional social network.







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Disclaimer - If you’re not willing to do the the work, then this course isn’t for you. While we’re confident that anyone who takes action on these will see more leads and revenue, we are not promising results. Refunds are Not Available: The same way you can’t get a cab from point A to B and then request for a refund. You’re not able download the spreadsheets, guides, tutorials and still ask for a refund.

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